Why I Bought a Real Estate Business

Do you dream of running a productive and rewarding real estate business? Are you striving to become an industry leader in the real estate field? Making the leap to owning your very own real estate franchise may be your ticket to success.

If you’re searching for a flexible model and useful tools to build a profitable real estate business, choosing the right real estate franchise could set you on your way to success. A quality franchise will make it their mission to coach franchise owners into being the best in the business. By doing so, new and experienced business owners will be supported to grow their business and enhance their professional pathway (and the professional pathways of their team too).

This article will look at why some real estate franchise owners took the life-changing step into franchise ownership.



Why buy a real estate franchise?

If you’re considering opening a real estate business in Australia, the support of joining the RE/MAX network may be invaluable.

RE/MAX is the global leader in real estate, with over 8,000 offices spanning more than 110 countries – a reach unmatched by anyone. The growth of the brand over the past 45 years demonstrates the success of the business model and the quality of the tools, support and technology provided. Using these tried and tested solutions, franchise owners are guided to help them become the best real estate business owners in Australia.

Take it from Morris Short, owner of RE/MAX Xtra, who says that “there’s a unique feeling to being part of the world’s largest – the systems are unparalleled and the support is amazing”. He is proud to say that “there is simply no way that we could do as an independent what we achieved with RE/MAX”.


What’s it like to own a RE/MAX franchise?

Morris has experienced a significant sense of support and is proud to contribute to a network of like-minded people. Morris says that “the RE/MAX network is unbelievable and genuine, when you ask for support it comes in spades”.

Adding to this, franchise owner Justin Miller remarks that the RE/MAX network “affords franchise owners, sales agents, property managers and admin staff the ability to continuously increase their value to the market by providing training from some of the best in the industry”.


Access to unbeatable educational resources

Morris benefited greatly from the induction training program provided which is “balanced across all facets of the business and the development pathway which allows our team to walk, talk and sound different – to stand out in the industry”. Morris notes that this professional development when coupled with the entrepreneurial spirit of his agents “makes for a holistic package”.

Justin is thrilled by the professional advantages he has obtained from being part of the RE/MAX family. He comments that “being part of the network has given me access to some of the best talent in mentoring and training in real estate worldwide”. For Justin, accessing support from the franchise “proven recipe” allows “RE/MAX business owners to focus solely on turning their one dollar into two”.


Support during the start-up process

The beginning of business ownership can be an extremely overwhelming phase of a professional journey. Juggling paperwork, financials, training, marketing and office fit-outs can be a stressful process. That’s where franchise start-up support comes in.

RE/MAX offers a number of resources at the pre-signing, on-signing and post-signing stages of real estate franchise ownership. Along with a 90-day induction process after signing and continual intensive training programs, rest assured that you’ll never be left unsupported.


Unparalleled training and professional development

Expect a vast amount of hands-on support and resources to facilitate the success of your real estate business. The number one way that RE/MAX provides support is through an intensive induction program and secondly through their Business Growth Managers.

Throughout franchise ownership, the dedicated Business Growth Managers at RE/MAX will continually work closely with franchise owners. Franchisees should expect their Business Growth Manager to be very hands-on in the first three months. Afterwards, they will be touching base every week or fortnight over the first 12 months depending on individual requirements.

Not only will franchisees have access to these invaluable resources, but also financial control solutions to help new business owners keep track of their investments.


Who is BUSINESS ownership right for?

There’s no right or wrong candidate for business ownership. Instead, the RE/MAX team ensures that all prospective owners have all the information to decide if it’s the right pathway for them. The most common transition is usually moving from a sales role to ownership once they’re ready. However, there’s no one correct pathway as successful business owners in RE/MAX have come from all kinds of avenues and it depends a lot on the individual.


Experience profitability and professional fulfilment

The best part about owning a real estate franchise? No guesswork.

The key element driving a successful business is planning ahead using tested models. Commonly, the number one thing holding new business owners back from success is having to guess their way through the business journey. This is the vital difference between independent real estate businesses and franchise businesses. At some stage, all real estate business owners will ask themselves “what technology should my team use?”, “what can I do to attract the top salespeople in the area to my business?” and “am I making the right strategic and operational decisions for my business?”. Starting a RE/MAX franchise means you don’t have to answer these questions (and more) on your own.

Owning any successful real estate business takes hard work, tenacity and business acumen.  Owning a real estate franchise means having access to solutions that have proven to work time and time again – particularly when that network is proven as the world’s largest. Please don’t hesitate to take the steps to find out more today.

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